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Current Issue (Vol. 21, 2/2014)

Cultural Studies and Its Discontents: Polemics, Perspectives and Proposals 

(guest editor: Bernd Lenz and Gesa Stedman



  • Bernd Lenz & Gesa Stedman, 'Introduction: Cultural Studies and Its Discontents: Polemics, Perspectives and Proposals'
  • Jürgen Kramer, 'Finding Common Ground, Making Common Cause: Proposals for the Advancement of Anglophone Cultural Studies in Germany'
  • Ellen Grünkemeier, 'The Cultural Practice of Saint Monday: A Self-Made Holiday for the Working Classes in Industrial England'
  • Holger Rossow, 'Doing Cultural Studies and the Need for Interdisciplinarity: Towards an Interaction-Oriented Model of Cultural Studies'
  • Hugh Mackay, 'Uses of Cultural Studies: Stuart Hall's Project and Cultural Politics'
  • Alexander Dunst, Elahe Haschemi Yekani & Anja Schwarz, 'The Here and Now of Cultural Studies'

Books Reviewed:

  • Netzwerk Korper, ed. (2012), What Can a Body Do? Praktiken und Figurationen des Korpers in den Kulturwissenschaften
  • Ines Detmers & Birte Heidemann, eds. (2013), From Popular Goethe to Global Pop. The Idea of the West between Memory and (Dis) Empowerment
  • Doris Feldmann & Christian Krug, eds. (2013), Viktorianismus.Eine literatur- und kulturwissenschaftliche Einführung
  • Greta Olson (2013), Criminals as Animals from Shakespeare to Lombroso
  • Ina Schabert (2013), Shakespeares. Die unendliche Vielfalt der Bilder
  • Ralf Hertel (2014), Staging England in the Elizabethan History Play. Performing National Identity

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