Edited by S. Berg, R. Emig, S. Gruß, I. Habermann and D. Wiemann

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Current Issue (Vol. 22, 1/2015)

Ecologies: Nature, Culture, and Politics in Contemporary Britain 

(guest editors: Sebastian Berg and Christian Schmitt-Kilb



  • Sebastian Berg & Christian Schmitt-Kilb, 'Introduction'
  • Peter Bennett, 'Tilting at Wind Farms'
  • Martin Walter, '"At the Price of a Cappuccino"? Contemporary British Discourses of Eco-Consumerism'
  • Sabine Müller, 'Questioning the "insuperable line": Strategies of Non-Differentiation in Animal Rights Philosophy and Advocacy in Britain's Past and Present'
  • Hanne Bolze, 'Climate Change and the Novel: Maggie Gee's The Ice People and Robert Edric's Salvage'
  • Roman Bartosch, 'Scaling the City: Urban Environments and Transcultural Consciousness in Zadie Smith's NW and Ian McEwan's Saturday'
  • Sonja Frenzel, '"Overall, this is a massive organism": Discovering London at the Intersections of Nature and (Urban) Culture'
  • H. Gustav Klaus, 'Remembering Stuart Hall (1932-2014) or, How Cultural Studies Came to Germany: A Personal Memoir'

Books Reviewed:

  • Greg Garrard, ed. (2014), The Oxford Handbook of Ecocriticism
  • Louise Westling (2014), The Logos of the Living World: Merleau-Ponty, Animals, and Language
  • Helena Feder (2014), Ecocriticism and the Idea of Culture: Biology and the Bildungsroman
  • Dirk Wieman & Gaby Mahlberg, eds. (2014), Perspectives on English Revolutionary Republicanism
  • Jürgen Kamm, Jürgen Kramer & Bernd Lenz, eds. (2013), Deconstructing Terrorism: 9/11, 7/7 and Contemporary Culture
  • Renate Bosch & Kylie Crane, eds. (2014), Visualising Australia: Images, Icons, Imaginations

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