Edited by S. Berg, R. Emig, S. Gruß, I. Habermann and D. Wiemann

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Current Issue (Vol. 20, 2/2013)

Political Topographies  
(guest editor: Ina Habermann



  • Ina Habermann, 'Introduction'
  • Michael Gardiner, 'The British Reliance on Identity'
  • Merle Tönnies, 'Northern Landscapes and Anti-Thatcherite Positioning: British Colour Photography of the 1980s'
  • Nadine Böhm-Schnitker, 'There Is No Such Thing As Political Memory!?: The Iron Lady (2011) as 'Psycho-geography''
  • Frauke Hofmeister, 'A Fatal Attraction? Europe and the Failure of the English Regions'
  • Barabara Schaff, 'Killing Fields and Poppy Fields: Towards a Topography of the Western Front in the British Cultural Memory'
  • Nora Pleßke, 'HMY Britannia: The Spatial Semantics of the Royal Yacht'

Books Reviewed:

  • Wolfram Schmidgen (2013), Exquisite Mixture: The Virtues of Impurity in Early Modern England
  • Gaby Mahlberg & Dirk Wieman, eds. (2013), European Contexts for English Republicanism
  • Gert Hofmann & Snježana Zorić, eds. (2012), Topodynamics of Arrival: Essays on Self and Pilgrimage

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