Edited by S. Berg, S. Gruß, I. Habermann, L. Krämer and D. Wiemann

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Current Issue (Vol. 23, 1/2016) 

The 'Popular' and the Past: Popular Cultures of the Nineteenth Century

(guest editors: Doris Feldmann and Christian Krug)



  • Doris Feldmann & Christian Krug, 'The ‘Popular’ and the Past: Popular Cultures  of the Nineteenth Century
  • Sabine Schülting, '“The O. K. thing on Sunday is walking in the Zoo”: Zoological Gardens, the Music Hall, and Popular Recreation in Victorian London
  • Joachim Frenk, 'Punch’s (and Judy’s) Material Performances'
  • Anne-Julia Zwierlein, 'The Lecturer as Revenant(e): Sensation and Conversion in Late-Victorian Popular Lecturing and Mass Print'
  • Katharina Boehm, 'Popular Antiquities: Romantic Antiquarianism and the Historicisation of Merry England'

Books Reviewed:

  • John Storey, ed. (2016), The Making of English Popular Culture
  • Nicholas Daly (2015),The Demographic Imagination and
    the Nineteenth-Century City: Paris, London, New York
  • Sabine Schülting (2016), Dirt in Victorian Literature and Culture: Writing Materiality
  • J. H. Stape, ed. (2015), The New Cambridge Companion to Joseph Conrad

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